Ashley visited from20130623-_MG_1529-Edit 20130623-_MG_1479-Edit 20130623-_MG_1495-Edit 20130623-_MG_1454-Edit 20130623-_MG_1866-Edit 20130623-_MG_1474-Edit _MG_2002-Edit _MG_0843-Edit _MG_0931-Edit _MG_1741-Edit _MG_1754-Edit _MG_1706-Edit _MG_1721-Edit 20130623-_MG_1717-Edit _MG_1013-Edit _MG_0931-Edit _MG_0843-Edit _MG_2173-Edit _MG_2002-Edit _MG_1733-Edit-2 _MG_1726-Edit _MG_1626-Edit _MG_1457-Edit _MG_1446-Edit _MG_1316-Edit _MG_1275-Edit _MG_1240-Edit Portland back in June. Wonderful model with lots of energy, very professional and a short two hour shoot left me with far more usable images than is typical. She’s a great model with a bright future.

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